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Pictures and a thousand words


Based in Mumbai and specializing in Influencer marketing by creating content which helps companies promote their brands by identifying individuals that have influence over potential buyers and strategize their marketing activities around these influencers to drive sales with effective and high impact images


About Us

Content creation for Social media

Social media is used by over 600 million people every day and interest in your products can be generated only, if your images are of a better quality and the feed has a consistent look and feel.

Clicking pictures randomly and posting no longer helps. You need to have professionally clicked pictures / videos with better quality of editing, and the right type of influencer’s  audience required by your product.



What We Offer

Social Media Marketing

Effective Social Media marketing strategies and campaigns with Influencers enable the companies to better promote their products online 


Photos are clicked in combination with product stylists, models, influencers and talented photographers for higher reach online


We Work With The Best 

“I have done several shoots with the Nayak’s and it’s always been a wonderful experience as they know how to shoot well, make quick adjustments and give the correct direction to get the perfect shot. We have done a wide range of shoots from indoor to outdoor and each time it was a great team spirit as we worked on bringing the ideas of the images to life!”

Shrima Rai

Lifestyle Influencer



Brands & Blogs

Exotica retreat – Pre-Wedding

Exotica retreat – Pre-Wedding

Pre-Wedding Once their marriage is arranged, either by the couple, or their Parents, pre-wedding expectations start taking precedence over the couples chemistry or hopes and aspirations. Families come together, offering advice and suggestions related to traditions and...

T-Shirts for Men

T-Shirts for Men

T-Shirts Generations before us have considered formal wear as the apparel of choice for travel, office or casual wear. T-Shirts for men evolved from undergarments in the 19th century as a fabric without buttons and therefore, zero maintenance. The current generation...

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