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About Me

Leena Nayak blogger social media influencer

I am Leena Nayak, MBA grad, foodie, techie, passionate about reading, photography and travelling. I started this blog to help companies develop their brands by choosing the right Influencers / Bloggers and collaborating with them to click better Photographs, which will enable the companies to better promote their products online.

Instagram is used by over 600 million people every day and interest in your products can be generated only, if your images are of a better quality and the feed has a consistent look and feel. Clicking pictures randomly and posting no longer helps. You need to have professionally clicked pictures / videos with better quality of editing, and the right type of influencer’s  audience required by your product.

Online contest or giveaways can help you to generate followers for your brand. Trendy graphic designs help in sending the right message across, and if used with carefully selected hashtags, can make your feed a trending place for your type of customers.

A link to my portfolio, on my website is displayed below. Please click to view our past work. Let’s get in touch for further discussions on how our photos can help in promoting your business online.