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Passion and thrills

How many times have we been taken for a ride literally, during our childhood?? Most young children love their bike rides from the top of the fuel tank. We don’t ride on seats, but like to ride holding on to the middle of the handlebar, feeling the wind on our face as streets and buildings zoom by. biker girl bulletYet, once we grow up, our Parents feel that the same bikes are dangerous for us and we are risking life and limb to pursue our passion. A bike is considered as a female and worshipped by guys, who like to show off, doing stunts, wheelies and generally zooming around our colleges with girls behind them. In today’s India, a new breed of girls is emerging, throwing caution to the wind and donning the gear which makes them biker girls.

Biker girls

What’s special or motivates these girls to talk passionately about a sport which has been traditionally considered as reserved for guys? I equate it to freedom, not asking for a lift from your brothers or friends, allowing us to go anywhere without worrying about the bonds that tie us down. Feeling the wind on our faces once again, reminiscing the childhood thrills, but this time from the seat, with a firm grip on the handlebar, changing gears till your reach the top one, cruising along the highways at speeds considered dangerous. It is this feeling of doing something dangerous and at the same time thrilling, which makes us stand out from the girls who prefer make-up to dirt on their faces, pretty clothes to dusty ones, designer shoes to muddy ones. And yet, we make it through it all, looking just as pretty during weddings, transforming into Angels with a mean streak.

Gudi Padwa

is an Indian festival, where we are seeing a new trend by girls, Aparna bandodkar gudi padwa girgaonriding the streets on their bikes, adorned with traditional clothes and yet able to look both feminine and tough at the same time. They are held all over Mumbai, where I stay. This year I am planning to visit Girgaon, a hub of activity, where a lot of my friends, dressed in all their finery, will be on their sparkling bikes, ranging from scooties to Harleys. Yes Harleys, girls can handle them, and if you don’t believe me, hitch a ride on 18th March, early Sunday morning and enjoy the traditions of our old generations merging with new ones.