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Common cold and Citrus Aloe juice

Winter is here, yes in Mumbai. My woollens/Scarves/Sweaters are out but I still got a visit from the common cold. It’s not because I went out in the cold that made me sick, cold has a suppressive effect on our immune system. Winter also creates havoc on my skin, my already dry skin becomes extra dry. Lotions/Creams do help but only for a few hours. I need a permanent solution. That’s when I came across Farmpress cold pressed Citrus Aloe juice.

Immunity booster – Citrus and Aloe juice

Citrus helps body maintain a healthy immune system. It has a modest effect on shortening the duration/lessening the severity of a cold if it is consumed before the onset of illness. While the Aloe Vera juice consumption boost’s the production of collagen protein, thus reducing the fine lines and wrinkles. Besides, it also helps in reduction on weight, detoxifies the body, controls blood sugar level and helps fight cancer. So do try the Farmpress Citrus Aloe Vera juice and wish you have happy winter holiday’s.


Product : Citrus Aloe

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