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Cook together, stay together…

In today’s fast paced world spending quality time with your loved one is becoming increasingly difficult as everybody is busy. As Valentine’s day approaches, you start feeling guilty and find ways to get together and do something which you enjoy. chocolate-bomb-wisk-cakesmithsWisk by Cakesmiths came up with an idea that baking can be done as a couple and actually held a session for bloggers to show us how it’s done. As a working woman with zero baking skills, but a foodie at heart I just couldn’t pass on the opportunity given by Pooja, of taking a Culinary Adventure, learning to bake a delicious dessert with my husband.


Wisk takes us on an unforgettable Culinary Adventure, by teaching us the necessary skills required to impress your loved ones. chef-jj-wisk-cakesmithsWe embark on this journey as Amateurs, the 2 min Maggie makers, and develop into making cuisine specific dishes. They offer courses on specialized dishes in Thai, Italian, Mexican, Chinese and many more cuisines from around the world. A wide range of courses are available, ranging from Bakery, recreational, savoury and exclusive personalized curation’s related to your specific requirements. Check out their calendar for this month’s schedule. They provide an unmatchable learning experience to all epicurean enthusiast’s and we are vouching for it.

Culinary Adventure

blind-tasting-wisk-cakesmithsThe event started off with blind food tasting wherein one partner was blind folded and the other gave him/her a taste of 4 different items which they had to identify. The whole point was the importance of texture, taste, and visually seeing what you are eating, and how all of your senses come together making food look, taste and smell appetizing. Then the Chef, JJ explained to us how a chocolate bomb is made in 30 minutes. And we spent the next hour having fun blowing up balloons, coating it with chocolate, freezing it and re-freezing it, at the same time getting chocolate on our hands, licking it off and generally having a great time tasting titbit’s like strawberries, nuts, black berries. chocolate-bomb-balloon-dip-thebakasurWe also learned how to make Chocolate Ganache and create layers in the bomb with cookie crumbs, nuts. Some plating technique’s were also shared by the Chef. We were amazed to see how fruits, thin frozen chocolate strips and strands of chocolate sauce can make food look appealing. Most of us were keen on photographing these tricks. Chef also demonstrated how alcohol can be used in enhancing the dessert. For me, a person who only knows how to make Maggie, this was an amazing experience. I can make a chocolate bomb. Thanks Wisk for this adventure. Go ahead and enroll yourself for your own adventures at Wisk India by using my referral code #photographermumbai to get discounted rates.

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