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Wedding season

is here and the invites are in, leading us to start wardrobe hunting for the most important question in our mind, WHAT TO WEAR?  My husband is fine with whatever exists in the wardrobe, and anything will do for him. Really? Anything? When will men learn that women want to flutter around in their best Sarees, dresses, heels, diamonds and want to be noticed, or just make other’s jealous. If you want to show off, this wedding season, designer dresses are the norm, and makes you stand out from your friend’s store bought, factory made dresses. Wishing Wardrobe, has a fabulous range of exquisite fine Indian fashion wear, which empowers you with enjoying the joy and luxury of wearing gorgeous garments without having to worry about nature.


is as much about the draping of the fabric as it is about the idea and principles that have been woven into it. While so much of ourselves is inspired by nature it feels cruel and vastly unlike the generosity of spirit that nature embodies. Fashion on couture is as much about sustainability as it is about creating apparel and pieces that become time capsules for trends. Check out their philosophy, Indian fashion and design’s at Wishing Wardrobe

In frame : Devanshi Shah