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Social Media

In 2020, the best ROI for online advertising is derived from Influencer based marketing. Choosing the best suited one is challenging and depends on your product, message or overall expectations of the brand. We create concepts and content best suited to convey the message across to the targeted audience


Nilam Chauhan

is an actor and lifestyle influencer based in Mumbai. Growing up in Surat, she was fond of fashion inspite of professionally pursuing an MBA in Finance. In pursuance of her dream, after finding love and settling down after a fairy tale romance and marriage, she participated and won the coveted Mrs. Gujarat top models 2019 and was the first runner up for Mrs. Soneri Maharashtra 2018

Shrima Rai

A mom of two, blogger, model, she handles all of her roles with ease and at the end of the day, still finds the time to unwind at her tips oriented blog posts on fashion, fitness, beauty and motherhood etc. Check her daily inspirations on her blog

Dhiraj Panwar

A software engineer from Palanpur, he is well known for his photogenic face and charming smile. He loves to keep updated with the latest trends and loves to flaunt it on Instagram

Monthly packages

Being photographers / videographers with the right connections to editors, we are better content creators than direct influencers. Our images / videos can be used by clients for their business presentations as well as social media posts. Let us discuss your ideas and thoughts about campaigns over a cup of coffee…

Brands and Blogs

Our blogs describe the various brands we have represented / promoted in the past

Exotica retreat – Pre-Wedding

Exotica retreat – Pre-Wedding

Pre-Wedding Once their marriage is arranged, either by the couple, or their Parents, pre-wedding expectations start taking precedence over the couples chemistry or hopes and aspirations. Families come together, offering advice and suggestions related to traditions and...

T-Shirts for Men

T-Shirts for Men

T-Shirts Generations before us have considered formal wear as the apparel of choice for travel, office or casual wear. T-Shirts for men evolved from undergarments in the 19th century as a fabric without buttons and therefore, zero maintenance. The current generation...

Oxford shirt – Vataly India

Oxford shirt – Vataly India

Oxford Shirt Breaking traditions is an age old practice for Indian women. Today's modern woman juggles the home and office as a multi-tasker better than most software programs. Moving out from the Kitchen into the corporate world, is demanding and choosing the right...