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Oxford Shirt

Breaking traditions is an age old practice for Indian women. oxford_shirt_office_vatalyToday’s modern woman juggles the home and office as a multi-tasker better than most software programs. Moving out from the Kitchen into the corporate world, is demanding and choosing the right fabrics to wear can make a big difference between being professional or stressed at work. Cotton clothes are best suited for Mumbai weather and putting together a professional look everyday with the same type of clothes can be challenging. The Oxford shirt is a comfortable basket weave structure where one yarn crosses two yarns which give a lustrous effect for a streamlined fit, highlighting the feminine cut of this shirt in comparison to similar men’s shirts. oxford_shirt_cardigan_trousersA classic button-down is a necessity for every wardrobe, can be knotted or tucked into our favorite pair of jeans and sneakers, paired with a voluminous skirt, trousers etc. The possibilities are endless. I have tried to give different looks, by pairing it with a cardigan and trousers, since spring is yet to arrive here. It’s a bit chilly and the air-conditioned office environment becomes much more bearable in this outfit, without looking too dressed up. We can also pair it with a stole to take out the chill. Pair it with a full length Midi or mini skirt to add some volume and a classy look.

Meetings and coffee

Pair the white shirt with a white Denim / Skirt to look like an Angel. oxford_shirt_aromas_cafeFor casual meetings at coffee shops with colleagues / clients, pair it with black trousers or Jeans, don’t button down the collar, be one of the gang, and watch as you get acknowledged for your ideas and suggestions instead of being just another face in the office. For a more professional look while wearing Jeans, tuck the shirt in, wear a light colored Jacket or Blazer with high heels, and if you have a date after the meeting, simply change the jacket to a Moto, heels to sneakers or sports shoes and you are ready to rock it.

Vataly India

If you have a minimal wardrobe and budgets, check out the latest trends from companies like Vataly India, which offer you that branded fashionable look at very low costs. Their USP is to use the same fabrics / facilities as the top luxury brands without huge markups, to keep the prices low. So as customer’s, we are assured of high quality garments within our budgets, in the comfort of our homes, buying online and saving our weekly trip to haggle with vendors at Fashion street.