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Once their marriage is arranged, either by the couple, or their Parents, pre-wedding expectations start taking precedence over the couples chemistry or hopes and aspirations. Families come together, offering advice and suggestions related to traditions and behaviour, in each others company or in the presence of elders.

The couple hardly gets time to interact without a family member, either an uncle or aunt being present,inspite of being born in the 21st century. During the last couple of years, a new trend of Pre-Wedding photography has started, wherein the couple is photographed in either formal or traditional clothes, in exotic locations.

This is the only time where the couple is allowed to hold each other, pose for pictures in funny ways and generally have a good time in each others company. It becomes a lot more effective if the couple isn’t camera shy or quite comfortable in each others presence. It also develops a relation between the Photographer and couple, before the actual marriage. The photographer is aware of the couples weakness and strengths, which helps in creating beautiful moments during the marriage.

Ideal location


Searching for the Ideal location, is a challenge in itself. It should either be within the city limits, or travelling time should be under an hour. A theme is decided which suits the couple, and apparel, related to this theme is either rented or borrowed for the day. Impeccable interiors, good quality food and changing rooms are a pre-requisite. It should have beautiful backgrounds which suit the theme, including the clothes which the couple will wear.

Exotica retreat is a beautiful location, nestled in Yeoor hills, Thane, on the outskirts of Mumbai. It meets all the criteria for destination weddings, as it has ample space to host a theme based wedding, with great food, beautiful interiors, dining and parking space and above all, friendly and professional staff.


Choose a photographer with the right experience and credentials, is pocket friendly and updated in his art and gear used. They should be well versed with the current trends in social media, related to wedding photos. Themes can be suggested and implemented to capture the perfect moments and expressions. Generally Pre-Wedding pics are used to create wedding invites, build excitement as the D-Day approaches, and during the wedding to showcase the couples interactions and moments together before getting hitched.

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