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Generations before us have considered formal wear as the apparel of choice for travel, office or casual wear. T-Shirts for men evolved from undergarments in the 19th century as a fabric without buttons and therefore, zero maintenance. The current generation is more realistic towards it’s outlook and the humble T-Shirts fondly called as Tees are making a comeback. Teens and middle aged people have started to wear them for most occasions, right from lounging at bars to weekends at office. They come in a variety of fabrics and prints. Choosing them is a challenge as a lot depends on the location and occasion.

Fashion trends

keep changing every season and all time favorite colors like black don’t always trend every year. Trendy-t-shirtsDuring 2018, neutral colors and bright shades of yellow or hues of lavender are trendy and popular worldwide. Choosing the right tees depend on your outlook toward life, the message you need to convey or your attitude for the day. Trendy designs include a combination of graphics made up of everyday objects, typography created using a combination of text and shapes, or phrases and quotes to make you look cool and in sync with yearly events and trends.

Branded Tees

Since they are available in different types of fabrics and shades, it is better to stick with top brands when we choose to buy tees. lyricallife-SamrinThe quality of fabrics is important as the weather changes and round necked cotton tees are popular in warm countries like India. Pre-shrunk and Bio-washed fabrics are used to ensure that the size remains constant after the initial wash. Printed graphics also don’t fade away easily with every wash as the companies ensure a high quality of printing process and eco friendly inks to retain the vibrancy of the designs for it’s lifetime which is about 30 to 40 washes.┬áCheck out the latest designs from companies like Lyrical Life, which offer you branded T-Shirts at very low costs. Their USP is designs based on typography and high quality fabrics with low online prices including free home delivery anywhere in India.