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Dr Tiffany D’souza

A nutrition and wellness enthusiast/entrepreneur driven by her passion to spread awareness about holistic and dietary approaches to chronic illness. Tiffany runs a blog cum Instagram account, Thefitnesscholos which documents her progress with her diet and exercise regimen. fitness shoot nike shoesShe loves thinking up new recipes and workouts to share with as many people as she can. A Doctor by profession, she extensively researches the information she shares and offers scientific explanations to support her advice. She is versatile and has an avid interest in Yoga and Dance. Her new take on the health industry is refreshing and marries the fields of Allopathy and Holistic Medicine.

Her no-nonsense and no-fads approach to wellness is what attracts her audience. She also runs a small, at home food service, which provides her customers with refined sugar free treats like Energy Bites, Nut Milks and Coconut Butters. Tiffany is currently working on a number of projects related to fitness and health and hopes to eventually start her own formal consultation clinic focusing on nutritional counselling for chronic illness and its medical management. She also has a secret desire to start her very own restaurant/cafe, probably housing a number of guilt free delights.