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Theimperfectblend – No one is perfect, it is our acceptance of our imperfections that make us perfect

Thriving on this life concept is a couple blogger based in Mumbai called Theimperfectblend.


Individually they are poles apart when it comes to decisions and life choices, which is what they believe makes them highly experienced in the spectrum of life that they live together.

They blog and influence their followers about their imperfectly perfect life experiences regarding food, fashion, lifestyle and travel. Working closely with brands for their growth and sales using social media is their online forte. Payal-RaghaniPerhaps Crazy is the word that describes this couple, as they make sure they are the calm to each other’s storm.

Harsh, an avid reader, is an engineer by profession and works for an IT firm during the day, blogger and choreographer by night, while Payal works for a PR company in the day and is a blogger/influencer by night. Apparently, she’s is the whiskey in his tea cup and he is the coffee in her beer mug.

They run their blog on the very same concept.

Instagram : The Imperfect Blend