Vataly India

“We believe the customers have a right to the cost and products they choose”

With a tagline, which sets them apart from the competition, Vataly India is a brand, committed to being 100% transparent about their products and processes, from documenting their factories to revealing their costs and markups. Such transparency is relevant because About Us Vataly indiaVataly uses many of the same facilities as the top luxury brands while revealing their low markups. Most fashion brands start with stores and then have an online presence for customers to buy directly. Generally there is no price difference in the store bought clothes and their online store.

Vataly India is online

Vataly aims to change this, and adopted a new kind of retail, since the average buyer has the technology to buy everything online using his/her mobile. PieChart cost of teeThere are no street stores and all of their garments are sold online, which helps to eliminate the middle men and keep the prices low. That means a luxury tee that costs Rs.300 to make is sold to you for Rs.700—instead of Rs.2500. Searching all over India, and after months of deliberation and diligence they found the perfect Knit Factory located near Coimbatore, with impressive workmanship and environment created for the workers by the factory owners. Attention to detail and good manufacturing practices are what companies look for while partnering with like minded people and we look forward to many more tie-ups and products from Vataly India.

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