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is a philosophy of life that embraces the simple precept that we, as humans, have no right to ‘use’ animals for any reason. The consideration here is that the use of animals to further our own purposes is tantamount to exploitation. wishing wardrobe 1Thankfully, we live in a world where options for the same are available with ease. Materials like vegan synthetic leather and non-violent silk have become a part of fashion and have been actively embraced for their non-violent properties. Wishing Wardrobe takes pride in creating apparel for fashion with compassion, that is vegan in its philosophy and is created keeping in mind sustainable methods.

Wishing Wardrobe

started by Ms. Khushbu Vora Shah, believe’s that nature is a source of inspiration, and all of their efforts are directed to keep them from hurting it, or its creations, in any way. They create designs that keep the philosophy of creating vegan clothing and use cruelty-free fabrics to make each outfit in their collection. Connect with Khushbu on Instagram and Facebook at Your Wishing Wardrobe